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Bathurst Private Hospital encourages receiving consumer feedback, both positive and negative. It is recognised as necessary to provide quality health care services that meet consumer and community needs.  A complaint is considered to be any expression of dissatisfaction or concern, by/or on behalf of a consumer or regarding the provision of a health service. This can be made verbally or in writing.


Complaints can take the form of:

  • suggestions made in the customer satisfaction questionnaire

  • verbal statements made to staff

  • written complaints or suggestions


All complaints or suggestions received either written or verbal are reviewed by the Quality Committee. The facility philosophy is:


  • Recognises that people making a complaint want to be taken seriously.

  • Recognises that people making a complaint want to be treated in a non-judgmental way.

  • Recognises that people making a complaint want an explanation or action as soon as possible.

  • Recognises that people want to have the problem resolved so that it never happens again.

  • Recognises that people want an apology or an acknowledgement that things could have been done better.

  • Recognises that the process needs to be transparent and open.


If you wish to make a complaint, there are several options.  We would prefer to help you while you are in the hospital so please let us know.  You should ask to see the Director of Nursing or Clinical Coordinator. 


If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction

you may wish to contact:

Health Care Complaints Commission

Locked Mail Bag 18,

Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012


Freecall 1800 043 159


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