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Emergency Procedures

Bathurst Private Hospital has a well developed safety and emergency procedure in which each staff member has a key role. In the unlikely event of an emergency, remain by your bed until a staff member arrives to assist you.


Medical Records

A medical record will be kept of your admission and treatment. This will be confidential with access being limited only to the healthcare professionals directly involved in your treatment. This record will remain the property of the hospital. The contents of your medical record will be divulged only with your written consent, or where required by law. You may request to review your medical record at any time. Please contact the DON or CEO.


Medical Staff

The doctor who admits you is responsible for your medical care whilst you are in Bathurst Private Hospital. Any questions that you have regarding your treatment should be directed to him or her.


Smoke-free Environment

In accordance with the Department of Health Policy, smoking is not permitted at Bathurst Private Hospital. It is recommended that you do not smoke before and after your procedure.



Bathurst Private Hospital undertakes to collect information only necessary for the proper functioning of the hospital and makes every effort to conform to the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act (1988) (Commonwealth) and other relevant laws about how private health service providers handle personal information.

Bathurst Private Hospital will collect personnel information from patients for the purpose of providing healthcare and for directly related purposes. For example, Bathurst Private Hospital may collect, use or disclose personal information:


  • For use by a multidisciplinary treating team

  • To liaise with health professionals, Medicare or the patient’s health fund

  • In an emergency where the patient’s life is at risk and the patient is unable to consent

  • To manage the hospital, including processes related to risk management, quality assurance and accreditation activities.

  • For the education of health care workers

  • To maintain medical records as required under hospital policy and as required by law.

  • For other purposes required or permitted by law.


Bathurst Private Hospital will not use or disclose patient personal information to any other persons or organisations for any other purposes unless:

  • The patient has consented

  • The use or disclosure of a patient’s personal information is for a purpose directly related to providing healthcare to a patient and would be expected to be used or disclosed in this way.

  • The patient is informed that their personal information will be disclosed to other organisations or persons

  • The hospital is permitted or requested to by law

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