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Pressure injuries are areas of damage to the skin and underlying tissue caused by constant pressure or friction. This type of skin damage can develop quickly in anyone with reduced mobility, such as older people or those confined to a bed or chair. Pressure injuries are recognised worldwide as a common cause of harm to patients and could cause significant pain and discomfort which may result in a slower recovery for the patient.  Bathurst Private Hospital has many strategies in place to prevent pressure injuries developing.  


What is Bathurst Private Hospital doing to reduce pressure injuries?

  • A risk assessment is performed on admission using an evidenced based tool to identify patients that are vulnerable to pressure injuries

  • Pressure relieving devices are used.  These include specialesed mattresses, cushion, wedges, sheepskins, water filled supports, heel elevators and gel filled supports

  • Preventing exposure to excessive moisture or dryness

  • Positioning: regularly changing the position of the patient and encouraging walking or movement if possible

  • Education for nursing staff in pressure injury identification, prevention and management

  • Patient education provided on pressure injury  prevention at pre admission and during the hospital stay


Please follow the link below for more information on pressure injuries:

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