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Patients are entitled to:


  • Be treated with care and dignity.

  • Confidentiality and privacy.

  • A safe, comfortable environment during their treatment.

  • Be fully informed about Bathurst Private Hospital services.

  • A full and clear explanation by their doctor of their condition, treatment planned and alternatives available to them.

  • A second medical opinion on their condition and treatment, if circumstances permit.

  • A clear understanding of the likely costs involved in the treatment.

  • Know the identity and professional standing of personnel involved in their care.

  • Have any complaints heard, responded to and dealt with fairly.

  • Obtain information from their medical record in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.


It is considered that, by entering the premises, you have given implied consent to treatment.  However, we wish to ensure that you have given Bathurst Private Hospital complete, fully informed consent before any treatment is administered here.


Bathurst Private Hospital consent is:

  • In writing, and signed voluntarily by you when you are satisfied that you understand the nature of the treatment planned

  • Able to be withdrawn by you at any time during the treatment, consistent with you personal safety.

  • This privately owned and operated medical facility, in which professional people, under specific State and commonwealth, guards the rights of patients.


Patient responsibilities

  • Provide accurate information on health status.

  • Adhere to fasting regime and pre and postoperative requirements.

  • Ensure you understand explanations given to you and ask if unsure

  • Abstain from verbal abuse of any professional employed at this facility.

  • Abstain from sexual harassment of any professional employed at this facility.


Private Patients Hospital Charter brochure           

A guide to Australian Charter Healthcare Rights   

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