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Bathurst Private Hospital is interested in your health and wellbeing. This page contains information about how you can reduce the risks of illness or disease as well as improve your overall health.


Falls Prevention Brochure

If you are at risk of falls or have had a fall in the past, it is worthwhile thinking about how to make your home environment safer. “Staying active and on your feet” brochure published by NSW Health gives you information on how falls can be prevented while in hospital.


Heart Disease Prevention

The Heart foundation website ( is a useful resource with information about:


  • Heart conditions

  • Healthy Living

  • Physical Activity

  • Healthy Weight

  • Smoking

  • Mental health

  • Healthy Kids

  • Women and heart disease

  • Heart smart recipes


The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has information about cardiovascular disease including stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure. There is information to help you identify risk factors for these diseases -


Diabetes Prevention -

This website can be viewed in a number of languages including Spanish, Italian, Greek, Turkish and Croatian. It offers an explanation of what Diabetes is and how to assess if you are at risk. There is information to help you if you have just been diagnosed and information specific to indigenous Australians. The site also contains recipes and a link to an online shop where discounted products for the management of diabetes can be purchased.



Cancer Risk Reduction

The Cancer Council website has information about different types of cancer including detection, diagnosis and treatment. It has a cancer smart lifestyle page which refers to the National Cancer Prevention Policy. The policy is a comprehensive set of recommendations, outlining how national action by governments and non-government organisations can reduce new cases of cancer from occurring.



There is a number for the helpline and a link to the on line shop where you can buy sun protective products.


For help to stop smoking please see the QUIT website. This site includes information about the helpline, how to get a online coach to help you stop smoking and a step by step guide to stopping smoking. It also outlines the health consequences of smoking.


Improved Nutrition and Diet -

This ‘Nutrition Australia’ site covers healthy eating for different age groups as well as healthy weight and a recipe library.



Asthma education

The Asthma Foundation of Australia website has a comprehensive list of brochures including:


  • Asthma - The basic facts

  • Asthma medications and delivery devices

  • Asthma in the under 5’s

  • Asthma in the workplace

  • Being active with Asthma

  • Asthma at school for school staff

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